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(There's some non-screenreader friendly text in here, because the nature of the documentation I'm pasting in includes very long alphanumeric hashes. When you get to them just skip over them.)

Sometimes, because you are not looking at two different branches or a pull request or something such as that, you don't have access to the "compare" options from the github UI. However, you can build the URL manually. The documentation gives it as[START...]END

Where USER and REPO are obvious, and START and END are branch names, tag names, or commit SHA1s specifying the range of history to compare. If is omitted, the repository's default branch is assumed.


Can get me to a diff view of everything from the commit with SHA1 08d335399862f0557311caa4ccd530b17c1a18b3 as its label (this is the long string in the URL of any commit) to the HEAD revision, which is to say, the current revision.

Fun times!
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