May. 18th, 2012

deborah: Kirkus Reviews: OM NOM NOM BRAINS (kirkus)
the amazing [ profile] diceytillerman, with assist from [personal profile] sanguinity, has made an excellent bulleted list of "A few things to think about when reading fiction about American Indians". I find this list incredibly valuable as a reviewer.

(This list is also valuable in reading fiction which is not about American Indians or other native populations, but which talks about them. I think of all the books I've reviewed for which the character, almost always white, shows their Social Justice Awesomeness by doing a school report about How We Killed off All the Indians Because We Are Bad, or has their epiphany moment by going on a Dream Vision Quest and giving themselves a name like Happy Running Deer. When I get one of those books, I'm coming back to this list.)
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