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It's a good thing I don't live near DC, because I would apply for this job in a hot minute.

Department: Executive Office of the President
Job Title: Accessibility Officer


  • Leads and coordinates all accessibility activities in accordance with the Rehabilitation Act.
  • Establishes and implements agency policies, procedures, governance models, performance measurements, communications, and training initiatives.
  • Leads and coordinates the agency's compliance activities and initiatives.
  • Establishes compliance policies and procedures.
  • Sets organizational goals for achieving compliance.
  • Incorporates compliance requirements into the agency's procurement, development and maintenance life cycles.
  • Provides for governance and oversight of all EOP accessibility projects.
  • Serves as the Selective Placement Coordinator for individuals with disabilities. 
  • Serves as the Contracting Officer's Representative (COR) on contracts related to accessibility programs on the EOP complex.
  • Measures and reports on the effectiveness of compliance program activities.
  • Provides training and marketing programs to effectively communicate Section 504 and Section 508 requirements throughout the EOP.
  • Performs as a strategic partner across PITC organizations and other stakeholders, including technology providers, EEO staff members and reasonable accommodation officials, human resource staff, communications and training groups, OGC, and other federal accessibility program managers.
  • Develops and maintains diversity metrics and a scorecard to measure success of accessibility programs within the EOP.

Step one: teach the people running the job board that you don't use all caps for headers, you use regular capitalization and style to caps with CSS if that's what you want. :D

Do people in jobs like this get fired when the administration turns over?

...Now I'm imagining the accessiblity officer in the Trump administration.

Date: 2016-02-28 10:43 pm (UTC)
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I thought of you when I saw that classified :,)

And then I thought you MUST have seen it, and you have.

The A.O. in the Trump Admin would wear a suit of bespoke armor and be chained in the deepest dungeon.
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