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ATMac has been collecting iOS 8 accessibility wishes. Here are mine, focused on mobility limitations:

  • A single tap for a page down / move down one full screen, and page up / move up one full screen, which works in all apps that follow a base iOS standard
  • Hey, how about a base iOS standard widget / gesture set, which apps are encouraged to follow for consistent usability, just like on a desktop machine!
  • Tap to go to the bottom of the screen, like we currently have tap to go to the top
  • Improvements to Assistive Touch favorites, starting with better documentation; ability to reorganize favorites; more favorites; more consistent favorite functionality; and easier movement between Assistive Touch favorites and the rest of the UI. I would love a favorites bar dock I could place on the screen.
  • A more functional way to use Assistive Touch with VoiceOver, maybe with a bank of predefined taps for the base VoiceOver gestures
  • Integration with alternative keyboards -- if I could only use Flesky as my default keyboard!
  • More comprehensive Siri or VR integration, especially more command-and-control
  • At least some minimal VR in the absence of network, just a little command-and-control

Also, I keep hearing about the great accessibility features that would be available to me if I were to jailbreak my phone. I'm not going to, but why should I need to jailbreak the phone to be able to run f.lux to dim the screen with the time of day, or the ability to move mutiple icons at a time, or tie gestures to app activation, or half the stuff I mentioned above regarding a richer family of gestures. If jailbreakers can do it, Apple can do it, and I hardly see how having a "jump to bottom of screen" would be a security or stability hole.
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