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New Approaches to Popular Romance Fiction: Critical Essays

I'm so pleased! New Approaches to Popular Romance Fiction: Critical Essays will be out imminently.

Despite the prejudices of critics, popular romance fiction remains a complex, dynamic genre. It consistently maintains the largest market share in the American publishing industry, even as it welcomes new subgenres like queer and BDSM romance. Digital publishing originated in erotic romance, and savvy on-line communities have exploded myths about the genre’s readership. Romance scholarship now reflects this diversity, transformed by interdisciplinary scrutiny, new critical approaches, and an unprecedented international dialogue between authors, scholars, and fans. These eighteen essays investigate individual romance novels, authors, and websites, rethink the genre’s history, and explore its interplay of convention and originality. By offering new twists in enduring debates, this collection inspires further inquiry into the emerging field of popular romance studies.

One of those essays is by me: '“Why Would Any Woman Want to Read Such Stories?”: The Distinctions Between Genre Romances and Slash Fiction'. This essay comes from a paper that began six years ago as a conference paper helped on by Kristina Busse, and I'm so happy to see it reaching this new milestone. So much thanks to Kristina, and to Eric Selinger and Sarah Frantz, for helping me to get it this far. Order from your local indie bookstore or order from Amazon.
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A. Congrats!

B. Had you meant to delete your LJ account? I know you'd been posting here and mirroring there, but it looks like the latter has gone away.