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Here's some introductory information about who I am.

I have an undergraduate degree in English Literature from Haverford College, with concentrations (like minors, but iconoclastic!) in Computer Science and Creative Writing. My undergraduate thesis was a piece of children's fiction combined with my own literary critique of my original piece. At least back in the day, this is Haverford's method of making sure the creative writing concentrators still learn rigorous literary analysis.

I have a Master of Arts from the Simmons College Center for the Study of Children's Literature. In January, I'm hoping to finish a Master of Science from the Simmons College Graduate School of Library and Information Science.

In the interim I've worked extensively in technology, primarily as a systems administrator for a multinational firm, and secondarily as a release engineer and toolsmith. I used to be damn good at what I did until I stopped enjoying it. I was bred on VMS and early on became a UNIX convert. I didn't like Max until OS X.

I don't like Perl, but I recognize its utility despite its inherent kludgeiness. I use it.

I want to teach undergraduates about literature and children's literature, but I can't do that in a rigorous environment unless I get a Ph.D. I don't want to join the academic rat race, and I didn't get accepted to Ph.D. programs, so this is probably a moot point. I expect to enjoy librarianship thoroughly (I adore reference), and if I feel uncomfortable signing my occasional academic papers without an affiliation, well, I'll learn to get over that.
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