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Guys, guys! Usually I like to respond to every comment, but so many of you commented on my last post with variants of "yAt!", "\o/", and for those who believe in actual words, "hip hip, huzzah!" that I can only respond to all of you that I am still grinning like an idiot over here. Also, the occasion has prompted the second ever icon I have made for this account. After all, this is a professional blog, so it's not all about making silly icons, right?

Except [ profile] cqs made a comment, and then [ profile] bigbrotherreads made me a matching icon, and I just couldn't resist.

Really I should wait until there is actual news, so I am not hexing things in advance of them telling us "by the way, your pay has been cut to this shiny new nickel, and from now on we can only write positive reviews," but somehow I doubt our fearless leaders would have sold our souls for such business.
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