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No! You cannot think of anything more fun than working closely with me every single weekday! I will bring in candy! I will go swimming with you! I will let you play with my large collection of librarian action figures! (Photograph to come as soon as I remember to bring a camera.)

Archivist for Digital Collections

The Digital Collections and Archives (DCA) supports the teaching and research mission of Tufts University by ensuring the enduring preservation and accessibility of the university's permanently valuable records and collections. The DCA assists departments, faculty, and staff in managing records and other assets. The DCA collaborates with members of the Tufts community and others to develop tools to discover and access collections to support teaching, research, and administrative needs.

The Archivist for Digital Collections (ADC) oversees the formulation, preparation, and management of digital objects and collections for the DCA. This work includes:
  • supervising student workers;
  • developing policies and procedures concerning digital objects and metadata;
  • implementing appropriate standards and best practices;
  • conducting quality assurance for digital collections;
  • undertaking preservation activities;
  • and managing the collections management system.

The Archivist for Digital Collections works closely with the Director to manage projects yielding digital collections including proposal development, and implementation and oversight of funded projects. The ADC collaborates closely with department colleagues on workflow development and implementation.

Basic Requirements:
  • ALA-accredited MLS is required ( advanced degree in related field preferred)
  • Three to four (3-4) years of related experience are required
  • Strong knowledge of databases, XML, digital imaging, and metadata and digital object standards
  • Ability to work in both Windows and Apple OS X environments
  • Comfort with learning new technologies on an ongoing basis

Preferred Qualifications: Strong written and oral communication skills are highly valued. The ability to function in a highly collaborative environment with many simultaneous projects is ideal. Familiarity with digital repository systems, particularly Fedora, is a plus.

Please pass it on.
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