Announcing the Shim review process

Mar. 21st, 2017 01:29 pm
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Shim has been hugely successful, to the point of being used by the majority of significant Linux distributions and many other third party products (even, apparently, Solaris). The aim was to ensure that it would remain possible to install free operating systems on UEFI Secure Boot platforms while still allowing machine owners to replace their bootloaders and kernels, and it's achieved this goal.

However, a legitimate criticism has been that there's very little transparency in Microsoft's signing process. Some people have waited for significant periods of time before being receiving a response. A large part of this is simply that demand has been greater than expected, and Microsoft aren't in the best position to review code that they didn't write in the first place.

To that end, we're adopting a new model. A mailing list has been created at, and members of this list will review submissions and provide a recommendation to Microsoft on whether these should be signed or not. The current set of expectations around binaries to be signed documented here and the current process here - it is expected that this will evolve slightly as we get used to the process, and we'll provide a more formal set of documentation once things have settled down.

This is a new initiative and one that will probably take a little while to get working smoothly, but we hope it'll make it much easier to get signed releases of Shim out without compromising security in the process.

Buying a Utah teapot

Mar. 20th, 2017 01:38 pm
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The Utah teapot was one of the early 3D reference objects. It's canonically a Melitta but hasn't been part of their range in a long time, so I'd been watching Ebay in the hope of one turning up. Until last week, when I discovered that a company called Friesland had apparently bought a chunk of Melitta's range some years ago and sell the original teapot[1]. I've just ordered one, and am utterly unreasonably excited about this.

[1] They have them in 0.35, 0.85 and 1.4 litre sizes. I believe (based on the measurements here) that the 1.4 litre one matches the Utah teapot.

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Mar. 18th, 2017 11:27 am
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A new day, a (somewhat) new list!
  • FTH cont
  • ABBE
  • dead dropbox links
  • postcard for sheriff
  • post-ready the things
  • tofu
  • soup
  • groceries


Mar. 17th, 2017 11:49 am
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Don't mind me, just a to-do list:
  • test oven
  • clean kitchen (one two three HOORAY)
  • trash kitchen
  • clean kitchen
  • FTH prework
  • ABBE
  • dead dropbox links
  • postcard for sheriff
  • thumbdrive for bookherd

Things NOT on my to-do list, but which I've been doing instead:
  • that godforsaken bit of crack what probably ought not to exist, but which is apparently going to
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Some 2016 stories I haven't gotten around to mentioning here yet.

Desperate Men and Fools
ACD x Strange Empire
Western AU, based on [ profile] gardnerhill's Welcome to Bakerstown
Holmes & Watson, Kat Loving
Teen, No Archive Warnings Apply
pre-canon for everything, minimal spoilers, no source knowledge required for either universe
~11,000 words

“It’s bringing justice to a murderer, Doc,” Lock assured me, “nothing more. Strip away the politics, and we’re hunting a common murderer like any other.”

July 1869, and a surveyor has been killed in Manitoba. Lock and Doc are called in to find the killer, but find themselves at odds about whether they're on the wrong side of justice.

Getting on toward two years ago now, on my birthday in 2015, Gardnerhill prompted me a crossover between her own "Welcome to Bakerstown" 'verse (in which Holmes and Watson are a lawman and gunslinger in a small Texas town ca 1880), and Strange Empire, a feminist Canadian TV Western. And I thought, "Whee! Fun! Yes! I'll do that! Two things that I like lots, this'll be great, no problem!"

It was not as straightforward as I thought it would be. Both sources are Old West stories, sure, but they're diametrically opposed in their sensibilities. "Welcome to Bakerstown" is about that mythic Old West where our heroes are giants among men, the like of which we'll never see again, whereas in Strange Empire, victory is all about coalitions and collective action. The central problems of the two sources are similarly mismatched: Doc and Lock live in a world where the twin impediments to justice are whodunnit and whether you're a faster and meaner draw than your opponent, while Kat Loving's problems were never so simple. No, her problem is how, as a Native woman, to procure justice against a wealthy white capitalist and not swing for murder after. So my problem in crossing these two 'verses became how to bring Doc and Lock, larger-than-life lawman and gunslinger, into the world of Strange Empire, without gutting every notion Strange Empire stands for.

Spoilers for 'Desperate Men and Fools' )

writing a 'classic' Western while Lakota )

In the end, though, I'm happy to say that the story I wrote is fairly close to the one I wanted to write. That doesn't happen all that often. Its audience has been small, which I expected, but some of its readers are passionate about it, so that's all right.

Huge thanks to [personal profile] gardnerhill for letting me play with her toys, and to my friends who spent a considerable amount of time listening to me talk my way through the story.


I finished "Desperate Men and Fools" in March of last year, then the multi-Holmesian vid in June, and then I slogged away on my other major WIPs for a while but to no great satisfaction. Around August, I declared amnesty from my attempts to finish WIPs, and decided that since I had a little free time before Holmestice, I'd bang out a birthday present for [personal profile] language_escapes.

Baker Street Papas
Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson (Whitehead and Pickering, 1979-80)
Teen, No archive warnings apply
Kid fic, hurt/comfort, first kiss, humor
~17.5K words

Holmes stood; the infant steadied itself with a fistful of his waistcoat. “Watson, I am given to understand that this is—”
“Violet Victoria Mary Smith-Watson,” I said, hearing the death knell of my easy, bachelor life with Holmes.

background )

"Baker Street Papas" sits a little to the side of most of my work -- fluffier, more humorous, out-and-out slash -- but I think it came out nicely. And much to my shock, "Papas" seems to have found itself a readership? I am confused, because I fully expected it to languish in rare-fandom obscurity, unread by any but my most loyal friends. Is this the dudeslash effect? Something more random than that? I have no idea. But whatever the reasons, it's been nice to know that people have been enjoying it.


Four Gifts
Strange Empire
Rebecca Blithely / Kat Loving
Teen, No Warnings Apply
Friends to Lovers, Slow Build, Family of Choice, Minor Character Death
7K words

Kat Loving gave Rebecca four gifts. They are the most precious things in Rebecca's life.

finishing a previously-trunked story for a pinch-hit )

...and I'm still not up-to-date with my 2016 stuff, but this post is long enough.

[1] I trunk a lot of stuff. When I die, Lang and Grrlpup are gonna publish my failed stories and you can all have a virtual wake where you dissect where they went wrong and come up with cracky endings for them. It'll be fun. (return)
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For Festivids, I made [ profile] jagwriter78 a Noah's Arc vid!

Sisters (AO3) (tumblr)
Bette Midler and Linda Ronstadt, "Sisters"
General Audiences, No Warnings Apply
Noah, Ricky, Chance, and Alex

So you all pretty tight, huh?
Yeah, I guess we are.

I was more than a little shocked when the assignment came in: Noah's Arc has been requested and offered for years, but there's never been a fill. When [personal profile] ghost_lingering made "Silent Fandoms" (vid; commentary) two years ago about Festivids' many unvidded fandoms, Noah's Arc was one of her inclusions. (Heh, her Noah's Arc not!vid was an inside joke for me: once upon a time, she made me a twenty-minute vid to ten covers of "Losing My Religion", so for "Silent Fandoms" she not!vidded Noah's Arc to "Losing My Religion" for me. I laughed and laughed.)

Anyway, I'd been requesting and offering Noah's Arc since my first year, but when I sat down to do my source review, I discovered that I'd never watched it with a vidder's eye. That is, I'd never looked at the visuals as visuals: the camera-work, the shot compositions, the use of color and light and motion... I'd known that Noah's Arc was made on a slim budget, of course, but I hadn't connected the dots to what that would mean for vidding. Most of the shots are people sitting or standing around talking, there's very little interesting camera-work, and often-times the lighting or color-editing is an utter disaster. (Happily, I strengthened my skills for working with mangled source while making "Something Good," but I wish I'd been able to make "Sisters" prettier.)

Once I got into making it, however, things mostly fell into place. I had some concerns that my song choice would sandbag me -- that the broad comedy of the song would undercut the show's heart -- but the love and loyalty between these four seem to have come through okay. And I have to say that in vidding it, I kinda fell for the show all over again. :-)

Lyrics )
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