What for today? A series of lists

Aug. 2nd, 2015 08:17 am
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Thinking about quiet things to do today, sedentary but productive and not all about computers. This is not a list of things which all need doing, it's just something to choose from.

Note, if you go on etsy and look for "punk note cards" you will quickly think, "What the fuck is WRONG with me" especially once there are no good options. All my notecards are pretty landscape paintings suitable for mailing to my remaining grandparent. Amazon has got nothing. Etsy, fucking nothing and nothing good for "feminist" either. Note to world. Those retro pictures of some woman looking femmy from the 40s and saying "fuck" don't make it feminist. for fuck's sake.

I believe precita eyes store over on 24th has either postcards or notecards with some women other than (but including) frida kahlo. thank fuck. in the meantime I will make my own, which in theory is as it should be, but in practice I would like to buy some!


Get all my data off Revolt's hacked up hard drive and get it back to him.
More setting up of power strips in convenient places by the couch, counter, kids' room
Fiddle with music things. Can I get it so my giant music collection will play to speakers?
Open up Airport Express and just look at it. Read up on what might be wrong with it.
Write short blog posts about books.
See if there is a better blogging client than MarsEdit.
Play clash of clans since it's now Battle Day for my family clan


Continue clearing desk area, go thru file cabinet
Does the metal shelf in-out box from garage fit under the "charging table"?
Laundry. Clean laundry smells like mildew. Get z. to re-wash with borax
Coax the cat to eat tidbits.
Groceries for the week. make a list. zond7? or instacart?
Cook some delicious plátanos today.
Deep water all the plants.


Write another letters. 2 per week is good. Maybe 1 per day.
Think of some more letter writing people. Ask for addresses.
Write to grandma finally even if no printed photos seem suitable
Make more notecards. Punk feminist ones. Color them with colored pencils.
Make set of punk feminist notecards for my sister
Look over poems.
New tiny zine (Alpha Suffrage Club) research and writing
Plan new tiny zine on combahee river collective. Important!
Organize sticker collection at least roughly, in envelopes.
Hardware store again to contemplate fancy small plant pots.
Repot tiny succulents as presents for R. and the nice post office lady


How many people can I handle seeing this week.
- intern
- yatima's brother
- tru
- Revolt
- hazelbroom
- sundress?
- would like to call debbie
- new nice friend who plays ingress?

That is too many. Dammit. Maybe will need to wait till post mexico visit to invite extra people.

My luxurious bath and applying a korean face mask, then every kind of lotion I own last night including the low strength marijuana lotion - that was a good plan. I feel extremely moisturized, and smell like rosemary and lemon.

Flügtag Freudenschade

Aug. 1st, 2015 06:29 pm
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I have an irrational dislike of Red Bull’s Flügtag event. I even have a trunked story (that will probably never be published for other reasons) where I air these feelings:

“Hey,” I say suddenly. “If we go over the Hawthorne Bridge, we can see Flügtag. They started setting up yesterday.”
“It means Flying Day.” Dennis makes an impatient noise like he shouldn’t even have to say he already knows this, and I roll my eyes but he doesn’t see me. “People build giant sculptures and try to fly them off a big ramp over the river. Down by the waterfront.”
“Flügtag was an air show disaster,” Dennis says. “At a base in Germany in the eighties. Seventy-some people were killed.”
“God, Whitman. How do you even know that?”
He shrugs again. We’ve come down Clay Street to the riverfront and start climbing along the bike path that leads to the bridge. A couple of cyclists zip past. We reach the bridge’s crest and I can see the Flügtag machines below us. There’s a big toaster, a fish, and some airplaney things.
“They won’t fly,” Dennis says.
“Well, some of them. But–”
“None of them.”
“You don’t know that.”
“I’m an engineer,” Dennis says like it’s a fatal disease.
“Well…well, the bumblebee flies anyway,” I announce, and stomp ahead of him. But the closer I get, the more, I don’t know, corporate it looks. Sponsorship signs all over, and those giant black towers of speakers. Dennis is right. They’re not even trying. The flying machines are going to tumble right off the end of the ramp as people watch from the beer tent. People suck.

Hence my UNATTRACTIVE GLEE today when Red Bull completely failed to keep the river clear for traffic, the Portland Spirit plowed through clueless spectators, and the Coast Guard shut it all down. BYE!

This post also appears at read write run repeat. Comments read and welcomed in either place!

Moving Updates

Jul. 31st, 2015 11:19 am
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Hi everyone. Once again it's been rather hush-hush around here, so I thought I'd post an entry. The title I think is pretty self-explanatory, but I still want to update this thing. I'm coming to you today from none other than my parents' new house! Drumroll please! My parents moved out of their previous house a couple days ago, and into this one. I'm so missing the old house, that I think I'm gonna cry. Can ya see all my tears? Lol I'm only kidding. Actually I am one of those people who just doesn't get all emotional over things like this. I mean, I do miss the old house but I also think it's time to move on, and I was very excited to see this place. My folks had been living there for several years, and they felt it was time for a change. I agree with them, and I like the new place. I only got here almost 24 hours ago as of this writing, and there's still a lot of unpacking to do. But I did get a chance to explore the place and I'm happy to report that I definitely approve of it. I think the rest of my immediate family does as well, or at least those family members who have seen it.

But there's another reason I chose to come here. Last weekend some tiles fell off one of the side walls in my shower. Fortunately this happened just a few minutes after I had gotten out of the shower, so I was not harmed. But what I did was to email someone right away, and that evening someone was sent out to my apartment to look at the shower. To make a long story short, the new landlords for my apartment complex are having a new shower put in my apartment. It is scheduled to be ready sometime this weekend, so I'll know more when I return.

I think that's all for now.

In memory of Nóirín Plunkett

Jul. 29th, 2015 08:17 pm
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I learned today that Nóirín Plunkett died suddenly (Ada Initiative memorial post) (Sumana Harihareswara's memorial post) (geekfeminism.org memorial post). Nóirín was my friend, and was too young.

It's hard to know what to say about a friend's death when you haven't been in close contact with that friend for some time. Internet-based relationships tend to ebb and flow, but you always assume that there's going to be another flow. I met Nóirín at least once but maybe not more than three times offline -- I always took it for granted that of course I'd see them at a conference again someday. The online community in which we interacted the most ceased to exist in its current form sometime last year, and as a result, the only notable exchange we had recently was an email I sent to Nóirín last fall, in which I introduced them to a college friend of mine who was starting a tech nonprofit. Nóirín became the operations manager for that nonprofit, Simply Secure, and my friend wrote today, "they consistently impressed me with their wisdom, kindness, pragmatic capacity, and intricate vision for what our organization could become. They were not just a colleague but a professional partner & a rapidly-growing friend. I learned much from them, and will always treasure time we got to spend together."

Nóirín made the world a better place by being in it, both locally and globally. They were enthusiastic about technology and about social justice. In a short lifetime, they repeatedly demonstrated acts of courage, calling out oppressive acts at great personal cost.

I will miss them.

Gimme shelter

Jul. 29th, 2015 11:12 am
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We all need shelter some of the time.

Hug or send your good thoughts to a feminist activist today

Or just anyone near or far.

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Jul. 29th, 2015 12:36 pm
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After many Travails, we arrived at Coney Island.

S: There was this lady on the train who was going on about Jesus, and gays, and abortion, and... and reptilians...

Me: Coincidentally, I also spent much of the last hour yelling "Jesus Christ!" But that was because I was trying not to die.

I am SO FRUSTRATED sometimes by how much I like cycling and how much I dislike fearing for my life. Even the road that goes up to Prospect Park, which is only a mile away from me, has a vicious intersection right near the park, and that's the only road where I've actually had a collision with a car.

It is possible that if I cycled more, then I would trust myself more and not get angry and scared at every near miss; but between my own anxiety and the fact that South Brooklyn roads are in fact pretty bad to ride on (no bike lanes, or bike lanes in awful shape), there may not be much I can do about that.

I guess my long-term plan is to not live in Brooklyn, but, well.

Thinking about this because I do want a bike that fits, but it seems like such a silly indulgence if I don't actually ride that often...

Yet Another Test Entry: Please Ignore

Jul. 23rd, 2015 09:15 am
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I am making some more changes here, so hopefully everything will work properly.

Still scabby

Jul. 20th, 2015 06:05 pm
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Still covered in scabs, not super intense looking but painful. Still off work. I have had many short naps. Frustratingly not better yet.
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Update: A Canonical employee responded here, but doesn't appear to actually contradict anything I say below.

I wrote about Canonical's Ubuntu IP policy here, but primarily in terms of its broader impact, but I mentioned a few specific cases. People seem to have picked up on the case of container images (especially Docker ones), so here's an unambiguous statement:

If you generate a container image that is not a 100% unmodified version of Ubuntu (ie, you have not removed or added anything), Canonical insist that you must ask them for permission to distribute it. The only alternative is to rebuild every binary package you wish to ship[1], removing all trademarks in the process. As I mentioned in my original post, the IP policy does not merely require you to remove trademarks that would cause infringement, it requires you to remove all trademarks - a strict reading would require you to remove every instance of the word "ubuntu" from the packages.

If you want to contact Canonical to request permission, you can do so here. Or you could just derive from Debian instead.

[1] Other than ones whose license explicitly grants permission to redistribute binaries and which do not permit any additional restrictions to be imposed upon the license grants - so any GPLed material is fine

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Jul. 20th, 2015 10:33 am
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After way too long in the Crying Toddlers Convention that is Park Slope Whole Foods, I came back with supplies for dumplings, and made a lazy veg take on pork chive dumplings: soy crumbles, chives, thai sweet chili sauce, sesame oil, mirin.

I made half a dozen dumplings before I started to wilt in the kitchen heat, so I packed the rest of my mix up. This morning, I decided I did not have the energy to make dumplings but I still had to do something with my leftovers, so... I fried patties of my dumpling filling and made it into a sandwich.

It was a good sandwich.

Ultimate Terrible Fusion Cuisine Idea: the Dumpling Burger!
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