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Booking a hotel for my business trip to CO later this year, speaking to the sales rep in the central office for the major hotel chain:

Me: It's for [Conference name]

Rep: Okay, I've got a special rate for that. I can offer you a king-sized bed at [conference rate] with a mountain view, or a king-sized bed at [conference rate] with a stunning view.

Me: What does a "stunning" view entail.

Rep: I don't know. It just says "stunning" on the description.

Me: Tempting as "stunning" sounds, I think I'll go with the known quantity here, and take the mountain view.

Rep: Yeah, that seems like the smart choice to me.

Delta's safety video

Jul. 23rd, 2014 09:35 am
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Okay, Delta as an airline is still far from my favorite (as our recent trip to and from Florida confirmed), but their current safety video is kind of awesome:

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Jul. 22nd, 2014 04:45 pm
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I took an extended break from bike riding because

1) I was sad.

2) Even though I felt okay after a tiny accident (both physically and nerves-wise), the cumulative effect of honks, dicey merges, close calls with cars making left turns right in front of me, etc., wore me down to the point where I often really didn't look forward to riding.

3) I had a really nice ride into Manhattan last fall which had some bad moments when the Manhattan(?) bridge had a really fast, steep drop-off into Brooklyn, and I just couldn't get enough leverage on my brakes. Was angry at myself for not having big enough or strong enough hands. Finally realized my brakes are badly adjusted.


I think maybe it would be easier if I didn't put pressure on myself to commute, even though it would save time? Even if I rode my bike a little before/after work when I had time, and on weekends? I know that I need a lot of physical training to be able to do long-distance rides, but... yeah, ultimately I'm much more interested in riding to the Hudson or the Rockaways or up into New Jersey or to get pie than riding to work. And commuting is much more a game of terrifying Frogger than actual physical conditioning. (Prospect Park has all the hills I need, at least for now.)

Will try and get my brakes adjusted this weekend. Then, pie?

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Jul. 20th, 2014 06:48 pm
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Today we went over to Poughkeepsie to rent bikes and ride along the local rail trail.

It was a very nice ride! And here is what happened:

I was slightly distracted, and got way closer to the edge of the road than I was comfortable with, because I'm always scared of getting the tire caught along a vertical drop-off. For some reason it made more sense in my head for me to slow down than to just steer the other way, except the brakes on my rental bike were really sensitive, so what I intended as fast braking turned into panic-braking, and... luckily I was riding quite slowly to keep pace with my sister (who's scared of going fast due to previous bike trauma), or I could've sent myself over the handlebars; instead I just stopped fast enough that I went down on top of my bike. I got some good scrapes on one toe and a tiny bit of road rash on the heels of my hands, and then I yelled "I'M FINE" and got up as soon as I could disentangle myself from my bicycle.

I understand that a Sunday rail-trail ride is different from a daily commute, but I can't help but be a little annoyed that nobody stopped to help me when I was lying at the side of the road with a broken arm and a bloody nose, nobody stopped to help me when I had a minor altercation with a car, and everybody stopped to help me when, other than my horribly wounded pride and dignity, I had no injuries worth mentioning.

I used to get "DO YOU NEED HELP?" a lot on rides when I was just resting (the central-to-western portion of North Carolina is quite hilly, and I am neither light nor strong of leg) but I don't know if I'm seeing sexism where there's just genuine helpfulness.

My mom keeps being surprised that I'm in good shape, LOL.
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