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Off to pick up the kid from college soon for baking day, but a few deals hit on the Day Before the Day Before Black Friday:

One Deal of the Day is on three Batman bundles. You can get Batman: Arkham Knight for the PS4 or Xbox, along with all three Christopher Nolan Batman movies on Blu-Ray for $61.98 (59% off). Better yet (imho), the original Batman series is on sale on Blu-Ray for $99.99 (63% off).

And the DVD Deals of the Week get you either Parks and Rec ($55.95) or Parenthood ($47.99) for 60% off.

And in recent animated movies, you can nab the Blu-Ray/DVD/Digital combo of Home for $9.99 (73% off), and the combo pack of Book of Life for $6 (85% off).

A Video Games Daily Deal is on Just Dance 2016 and Disney Dance Party for 40-50% off on every system.

In toys, the Hot Wheels Race Rally Water Park Playset is $11.99 (48% off).

A bunch of Kindles are on sale for $20-30 off.

And finally, in kitchen goods, the Pyrex Smart Essentials 6-Piece Glass Mixing Bowl Set is $12.38 (64% off, and about $9 below other sellers).
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Posted by Ivan Herman

See minutes online for a more detailed record of the discussions. (The headers below link into the relevant sections of the minutes.)

PWP Locator Task Force

Following the discussions on PWP identifiers last week a task force has been set up, led by Bill Kasdorff. There were some discussions on the call as for the goals of the task force (this has to be cleaned up), but the general ideas are:

  • The task force should concentrate on locators (as opposed to identifiers) both for the PWP level as well as on the individual resources’ level
    ** I.e., dealing with identifiers (ISBN-s of different sort, ISTC work, DOI-s, etc) is out of scope, as well as the issues around fragment identifiers, hence also the name of the task force
  • The task force should dig into the addressing/identifier work described in the PWP document, should flesh out the details, possibly have some mock-up implementation, and identify if and what of this work would require a targeted Recommendation/Standardization work (either at W3C, or at IDPF, or in a joint group)
  • The task force should also provide input to the IDPF EPUB3.1 work, which is looking at a “browser friendly manifestation” of EPUB. The goal of EPUB3.1 work, in this respect, would be to be forward compatible with an eventual PWP work

There were also some technical discussion, emphasizing the fact that a PWP can be a collection of very different resources from all over the place, where the order of the resource access (reading) can be different from one PWP to the other even if they share resources. The locator structure should make this possible (e.g., via a manifest).

Planning PWP Work

There is a need for a more generic planning on where the PWP work ought to be going. The terminology-state-identifier-locator discussion has resulted in a more stable bases, and the task force on locators will dig into the details. What else? Ideas that came up:

  • Looking at the library and archiving community. A focussed work will be pursued to see what specific needs that community may have and whether what is in the PWP document is adequate or not, whether it has to be extended, etc.
  • The presentation control issue needs further work
  • Other issues listed in the PWP draft should also be checked.
  • Some sort of a proof-of-concept implementation is necessary to identify the necessary missing bits

For the last issue: Dave Cramer has recently created a simple mock-up based on the earlier discussion with, and work of Jake Archibald. (The repo of Dave is also available for cloning.) This is a tremendous start, and it has been agreed that Dave would give a more detailed overview on what is happening there on one of the next calls.


The Interest Group has agreed to publish the next version of the PWP document as a formal Interest Group Draft. Should be out on Thursday the 26th.

The group has been reminded on the need of having better CSS examples, and some further ideas did come up.

Super hilarious 2nd Sabriel book

Nov. 23rd, 2015 06:45 pm
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Re-reading Lirael. It's even more hilarious and indulgent feeling than Sabriel. The first 10% of the book is all 14-year-old Lirael sulking and contemplating suicide because she hasn't gotten her special talent and doesn't fit in and no one understands her.

Then she gets to be an assistant librarian, creates a magic companion dog, and learns three shape-changing shapes: ice otter, russet bear, and barking owl.

Barking owl... bwahahah!

I love her adventures in the library.

I'm reminded of some other teenage librarian book but can't remember what it was.

Note that she also basically has selective mutism (because it is traumatic that she can't talk about the special skill that everyone else has that makes her not fit in)

(no subject)

Nov. 23rd, 2015 08:01 pm
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Popular media where the twins are written like actual twins:

1) Fangirl
2 1/2) They had some twin-tropes I wasn't crazy about and my view is heavily colored by the sheer amount of twincest fanfiction, but OK, the Weasley twins in Harry Potter

Popular media where the twins are either unrealistically the same person, unrealistically total opposites, or seem to have some troubling psychosexual stuff going on:

Literally everything else.

(I am sure there are actual twins who have troubling psychosexual stuff going on but. Um. It still feels to me like a Weird Twin Trope).

This post has been brought to you by Jessica Jones, which I otherwise am enjoying very much.

Parents, don't name your twins Ruben and Robyn. Give your twins names that are ANYTHING ELSE BUT A MATCHED SET.

Atmosphere, Shipwreck, and Secrets

Nov. 23rd, 2015 06:35 pm
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I’ve been fascinated by wreckers—people who light false beacons on the coast in order to lure ships into rocky areas, then loot the vessel as it sinks—for as long as I can remember. I’d always chalked that interest up to Susan Cooper’s Greenwitch, but now, after a bit of Googling around, I’m wondering if I’m misremembering that, and if Young Leila discovered wreckers in some other book? It wasn’t in Iain Lawrence’s The Wreckers, which I read far later, and it wasn’t in Enid Blyton’s Famous Five Go Down to Sea, because Enid Blyton is Not My Jam.

Fantastical journey

Nov. 22nd, 2015 09:09 pm
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I got through all this running around on trains and cabs and staying out all day beautifully just on the one tramadol in the morning and some coffee. I did also have a beer with dinner. No vicodin necessary. Pleased! I am not destroyed. This is a good sign for my ankles.

Moomin's play was very amusing. They all looked great in kilts and knee socks. Moomin curses the kilt for being confusing to put on and take off with pins and the shoulder strap thing and some mysterious underneath part. (They all wore shorts). Brigadoon is very sexist and a bit stupid. There should be a Brigadoon 1,000,000 A.D. fanfic where the characters from the future present (while the Brigadoon people are 30-years-from-their-beginning) are intelligent giant rats and squid-roaches and Brigadoon is tropical and covered in active volcanoes and they instantly die from inhaling the pure methane atmosphere or something or if not, fall in love with the giant squids.

(no subject)

Nov. 22nd, 2015 07:13 pm
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sign on fence: BARKING DOG

I walk by here all the time but have never encountered this sneaky dog. For some reason, the sign always reminds me of the one at the Convention Center:

Attention: Bell Will Ring Without Warning

photo by Eric Fischer

This post also appears at read write run repeat. Comments read and welcomed in either place!

code push done!

Nov. 22nd, 2015 07:32 pm
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[staff profile] karzilla posting in [site community profile] dw_maintenance
We're updating the site momentarily! Once the dust settles, please let us know if anything isn't working as expected. I'll edit the entry here if we confirm any issues.

Update, 21:45: All done!

Forging onwards!

Nov. 22nd, 2015 11:36 am
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Very bad ankle pain since Paris, not really getting better. But I am reasonably functional most days with the walking casts. By mid to late afternoon though I start crying and feel incapable and just waiting for when I can take ambien and sleep. At best that happens more like 7pm so I get through my work day. But, i am getting out of the house at least once every few days. Not painkillering up too much, at least, not every day. I am about to start putting a little painkiller ration into a weekly pill box so I will know how much I'm taking, if it's every day, etc. And a written record too.

Yesterday, both kids were here which was just lovely (and won't happen again until January, or maybe a Fakemas afternoon). I try to appreciate it when it happens even if they are just hanging out playing minecraft while I feed and clean up after them. Only 1.5 years more of Moomin living at home (!!!) I am starting to pray atheistically that he will go to Berkeley.

Anyway, we dug up the new dirt around the front yard tree with trowels, put in our tiny palisade edging, and planted things. It looks super nice. Satisfyingly!!! they were not complaining or lazy and were both kind of into it. Zond7 came out and dug for a bit too. I am aiming for everyone feeling somewhat invested in keeping the sidewalk looking nice. I have some evil plans to build another little bench on the north side of the tree with 2x4s and make it super nice!!!

So, then, despite my plans to chill out and then cab to berkeley to buy a mattress....complicated timing of everything.... we instead all four piled in a cab to my sister's. I took a tramadol in preparation for more car riding and going up her giant steps. Up the steps, lovely time with family, her 3 cats bopping around, everyone bustling or loafing as their temperaments require. My sister came with us to buy the bed, since she has had a great mattress for the last 10 years from this place!!! Zond7 and I decided pretty quickly and got a bed frame which i'm super excited about as it is especially pretty. The headboard is a section of a giant madrone log and has a sort of line where the young sapling must have been. Or maybe madrone tree vascular systems just look like that. It looks like a network diagram or some sort of electronics circuit and also made me think of the napoleon's march chart in the Tufte book. I think it will make me happy every time I look at it. The bed was $4000 total which is basically my quarter's bonus (yes.... raking it in) Every quarter I think I will save the bonus, and instead this year I went on 2 vacations and bought a mattress. WORTH IT. This time of my life I am living high. So!!!!! New bed, super comfy, I practically live in the bed so it better be good!

We then had to haul ass home (another 30 dollar cab ride) so Moomin could go off with his dad to be in the 2nd night of the school musical. I was crying in pain again, and drank half a beer and took 5mg vicodin and 100mg gabapentin. This helped quite a lot and I felt cheerful for the first night in weeks, and was even hobbling around without the boots a little. I fell asleep easily and stayed asleep until Dashboard the Foster Cat brought a mouse up into our bed at 6am. Oh cat. Please kill the mice. Food not toy.

Dreamt that I was in Paris suspected of blowing things up and could not explain since I can't speak French. At the same time I had a sort of cinematic view of a guy who was really blowing things up with a giant radio antenna he would stick out of his window. I was doing a lot of having to quickly pack my suitcase but it taking forever in the dream. Anxiety dream I guess.

Reading, I went through a book of Garth Nix short stories and really enjoyed them. Better writing than Sabriel. I went back to read Sabriel again anyway, and it's making me laugh super hard as it is so indulgent feeling of gothy teenagerness! I love that! Even though I don't really like Sabriel herself or any of the characters, and am not gothy. But it cracks me up. Really.... you are basically in handbell choir and have a demon cat and can sense death. OK. A bandolier of handbells. LOLLLLLLLL. I admire the setup of being condescendingly best at everything in boarding school and then just breezing off from school with everyone's total permission, then going back to be the hero of everything (and dramatically killing off some of your schoolmates and favorite teacher as you suck the magic out of them or whatever.) And, getting royalty and swords and sorcery PLUS a sort of romanticized bunch of ... happy and ready to die World War One soldiers. Plus a sentient glider plane. What. Also, the villain turns into two extra demon kittens that barf up more magic rings. What an excellent use of kittens. Can't remember if they ever turn up again in the sequels. Didn't her magic boyfriend or husband die at some point but they stay married and even have zombie magic babies? I am going to have to re-read the whole thing now. None of it really makes any sense and that doesn't matter at all.

I was reminded while re-reading this (as there is a minor character named Horayse) that it took me till I was like 35 to realize that Horace (greek) = Horus (egyptian god). Mind blown! Doesn't it seem amazing and weird that thousands of years later, in the US halfway around the world, people still get named after Horus?

Today I went out to get cat litter and some groceries, happily blew up ingress portals, and then laid in bed recharging all my portal keys. I am not too far away from finally leveling up to level 12. I think in December or early January. It's absurd how much I still enjoy this game.

Ada and I placed more bricks from my sister's house and she helped me bring up laundry and groceries. Then I rested some more (this blogging counts as resting) with my feet up.

Now, for a bath, compression socks, walking casts, and we Caltrain down to Moomin's school to see the play. we are meeting my parents and sister there. I plan on another tramadol and then when I get home a vicodin and ice.

Work pissed me off on friday afternoon as someone emailed a giant public list with a thing that on one level is a reasonable question, but didn't need to go to everyone and the not-very-subtext of it was that what i do all day in my job is useless and a bother to everyone. Uh yeah fuck off. So cue a bunch of dudes abstractly batting around that my entire team's work is pointless. Oh, I'm pissed! But, I am trying to keep level headed and take from it whatever turns up that may be useful, in expressing the frustrations of developers who want a faster release process, which on the whole I agree with. and what we do is somewhat more intuitive than otherwise and a bit scrambly because our test automation has not kept up with actual development. (no one's fault really). And I think what I do is quite helpful. I'm just annoyed because I have felt this position has got me more respect and now that is undermined in a stupid way. I also thought this particular guy and I had a fine working relationship. NOt sure if it is worth explaining anything to him now. Maybe after a couple more days. He sees a good bit of his part of the process but not the scary overview my team sees.

Code push!

Nov. 22nd, 2015 01:03 pm
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We are planning to do a code push in about six hours, around 5pm Pacific time.

Most of the changes with this push are cleanup and small backend fixes, but we also have a new journal style called "Pattern" with 24 themes for you to choose from, and most excitingly, QuickReply has now been enabled for journal, day, and network views.

We'll update again to let you know when the code push is in progress!
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Something was poking me when I sat down.

It was a sharpie.

Where did it come from? I genuinely do not know why I would want to have a sharpie in my pocket today.

More disturbingly, I vaguely recall picking it up and thinking "no reason to carry this around!"
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Yup you read that right. About a week or so ago I got a voicemail from
some random guy at ObamaCare headquarters. This call was to inform me
that enrollment for ObamaCare was once again open. This guy provided 2
phone numbers for me to choose from in order to get connected and
enrolled. One of these numbers was 1-800-FUCKYOU, which used to be the
number for Pilgrim Telephone. But it now connects the caller to a menu
containing 3 choices. Choice 1 is for a chat line called "Intimate
Connections." Choices 2 and 3 are for ObamaCare, with choice 2 only
being the toll-free number and choice 3 actually being direct to
ObamaCare. I won't bother translating the phone number for fear of any
retaliatory measures being taken against me. However, for some reason
I just can't help but find this rather amusing. When you really think
about it though, is it not kind of illegal? I mean, you've got the
number for and a direct line to ObamaCare listed right in the same
menu as a chat line. It might not be illegal, but it certainly makes
one stop and wonder who in the hell chose to do that. But anyway, I
just had to post this amusing anecdote. Should any of the Dw staff
and/or volunteers read this and wish me to take it down, I will gladly
do so at once.
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Saturday morning pre-GRE Hamiltunes: My Shot, Guns and Ships, Yorktown, Non-Stop. Because correlation is the same thing as causation, I have to give Lin-Manuel Miranda all the credit for my getting a significantly nicer score on the computer-scored portion of the GRE than I expected.

(And nobody cares! The only place I'm applying to that even wants GRE scores is Iowa, where they're optional! But if I don't get in this year, I'll be able to apply to Minnesota next year with these scores.)

Afterwards I had time for a teeny Hamilton walking tour, past Fraunces Tavern and the Hamilton gravestones at Trinity Church.

I need to be putting things in boxes, but I feel very tired and may have a cold or something coming on.

Making Room for Those in Danger

Nov. 20th, 2015 05:17 pm
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Posted by davidferriero

The Refugee Act of 1980 is now on temporary display in the West Gallery of the National Archives Building. Photo by National Archives Photographer Jeffrey Reed.

The Refugee Act of 1980 is now on temporary display in the West Gallery of the National Archives Building. Photo by National Archives Photographer Jeffrey Reed.

At the end of the Vietnam War, hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese and Cambodians fled political chaos and physical danger in their homelands. Between 1975 and 1979, some 300,000 of these refugees were admitted to the United States through Presidential action. The law at the time restricted refugee admissions, and many members of Congress wanted to establish a more regular system of immigration and resettlement.

In the South China Sea, crewmen of the amphibious cargo ship USS Durham (LKA-114) take Vietnamese refugees aboard a small craft. The refugees will be transferred later by mechanized landing craft (LCM) to the freighter Transcolorado., 4/3/1975. General Records of the Department of the Navy, National Archives Identifier 558518

In the South China Sea, crewmen of the amphibious cargo ship USS Durham (LKA-114) take Vietnamese refugees aboard a small craft. The refugees will be transferred later by mechanized landing craft (LCM) to the freighter Transcolorado., 4/3/1975. General Records of the Department of the Navy, National Archives Identifier 558518

The Refugee Act of 1980 raised the annual ceiling for refugees to 50,000, created a process for reviewing and adjusting the refugee ceiling to meet emergencies, and required annual consultation between Congress and the President. The law changed the definition of “refugee” to a person with a “well-founded fear of persecution,” a standard established by United Nations conventions and protocols. It also funded a new Office of U.S. Coordinator for Refugee Affairs and an Office of Refugee Resettlement and built on already existing public-private partnerships that helped refugees settle and adjust to life in their new country.

A bill to amend the Immigration and Nationality Act to revise the procedures for the admission of refugees, to amend the Migration and Refugee Assistance Act of 1962 to establish a more uniform basis for the provision of assistance to refugees, and for other purposes, page one (Public Law 96-212—The Refugee Act of 1980), approved March 17, 1980 National Archives, General Records of the U.S. Government

A bill to amend the Immigration and Nationality Act to revise the procedures for the admission of refugees, to amend the Migration and Refugee Assistance Act of 1962 to establish a more uniform basis for the provision of assistance to refugees, and for other purposes, page one (Public Law 96-212—The Refugee Act of 1980), approved March 17, 1980
National Archives, General Records of the U.S. Government

Signature page of The Refugee Act of 1980, approved March 17, 1980 National Archives, General Records of the U.S. Government.

Signature page of The Refugee Act of 1980, approved March 17, 1980
National Archives, General Records of the U.S. Government.

View all pages of the Refugee Act of 1980 on the National Archives’ Flickr account: https://www.flickr.com/photos/usnationalarchives/sets/72157661462319371

Books for Healing

Nov. 20th, 2015 05:29 pm
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My favorite music podcast, NPR’s All Songs Considered, did a show this week called “Music for Healing.” In the wake of the Paris attacks, which included gunfire at a show in a music venue, the podcasters didn’t feel up to featuring new music, as they do weekly. Instead, they played thoughtfully chosen songs in an attempt to bring healing and provide “some space for moments of solace.”
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I've previously written about Canonical's obnoxious IP policy and how Mark Shuttleworth admits it's deliberately vague. After spending some time discussing specific examples with Canonical, I've been explicitly told that while Canonical will gladly give me a cost-free trademark license permitting me to redistribute unmodified Ubuntu binaries, they will not tell me what Any redistribution of modified versions of Ubuntu must be approved, certified or provided by Canonical if you are going to associate it with the Trademarks. Otherwise you must remove and replace the Trademarks and will need to recompile the source code to create your own binaries actually means.

Why does this matter? The free software definition requires that you be able to redistribute software to other people in either unmodified or modified form without needing to ask for permission first. This makes it clear that Ubuntu itself isn't free software - distributing the individual binary packages without permission is forbidden, even if they wouldn't contain any infringing trademarks[1]. This is obnoxious, but not inherently toxic. The source packages for Ubuntu could still be free software, making it fairly straightforward to build a free software equivalent.

Unfortunately, while true in theory, this isn't true in practice. The issue here is the apparently simple phrase you must remove and replace the Trademarks and will need to recompile the source code. "Trademarks" is defined later as being the words "Ubuntu", "Kubuntu", "Juju", "Landscape", "Edubuntu" and "Xubuntu" in either textual or logo form. The naive interpretation of this is that you have to remove trademarks where they'd be infringing - for instance, shipping the Ubuntu bootsplash as part of a modified product would almost certainly be clear trademark infringement, so you shouldn't do that. But that's not what the policy actually says. It insists that all trademarks be removed, whether they would embody an infringement or not. If a README says "To build this software under Ubuntu, install the following packages", a literal reading of Canonical's policy would require you to remove or replace the word "Ubuntu" even though failing to do so wouldn't be a trademark infringement. If an @ubuntu.com email address is present in a changelog, you'd have to change it. You wouldn't be able to ship the juju-core package without renaming it and the application within. If this is what the policy means, it's so impractical to be able to rebuild Ubuntu that it's not free software in any meaningful way.

This seems like a pretty ludicrous interpretation, but it's one that Canonical refuse to explicitly rule out. Compare this to Red Hat's requirements around Fedora - if you replace the fedora-logos, fedora-release and fedora-release-notes packages with your own content, you're good. A policy like this satisfies the concerns that Dustin raised over people misrepresenting their products, but still makes it easy for users to distribute modified code to other users. There's nothing whatsoever stopping Canonical from adopting a similarly unambiguous policy.

Mark has repeatedly asserted that attempts to raise this issue are mere FUD, but he won't answer you if you ask him direct questions about this policy and will insist that it's necessary to protect Ubuntu's brand. The reality is that if Debian had had an identical policy in 2004, Ubuntu wouldn't exist. The effort required to strip all Debian trademarks from the source packages would have been immense[2], and this would have had to be repeated for every release. While this policy is in place, nobody's going to be able to take Ubuntu and build something better. It's grotesquely hypocritical, especially when the Ubuntu website still talks about their belief that people should be able to distribute modifications without licensing fees.

All that's required for Canonical to deal with this problem is to follow Fedora's lead and isolate their trademarks in a small set of packages, then tell users that those packages must be replaced if distributing a modified version of Ubuntu. If they're serious about this being a branding issue, they'll do it. And if I'm right that the policy is deliberately obfuscated so Canonical can encourage people to buy licenses, they won't. It's easy for them to prove me wrong, and I'll be delighted if they do. Let's see what happens.

[1] The policy is quite clear on this. If you want to distribute something other than an unmodified Ubuntu image, you have two choices:
  1. Gain approval or certification from Canonical
  2. Remove all trademarks and recompile the source code
Note that option 2 requires you to rebuild even if there are no trademarks to remove.

[2] Especially when every source package contains a directory called "debian"…

The World Our Girls Live In

Nov. 19th, 2015 07:30 pm
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Our beautiful blonde, the one we admired and aspired to. They cry for her and twist their hands in a way they never would for me. This is what happens when a girl befalls a fate no one thinks she deserves.
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Me: new trial date january 22nd 9:31 PM
Javier: Wheeee 9:46 PM
Javier: How are you doing besides that? 9:46 PM
Me: really well; just got done with yoga, working on my memoir, maybe applying for a promotion 9:48 PM
Me: thinking about talking to derek again but so far only you, sue and adara know afaik 9:48 PM
Me: living with mom & dad blows but big fucking surprise. 9:48 PM

I'm trying to be the best person I can be. How fucking-- how did I never realize it was my choice before?

edited to add more explanation:

When I'm reminded that there is a choice (that LIFE is a choice) and I've made good choices and will continue to do so—I feel like I have the same epiphany every day yet the thought never ceases to amaze.
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