Dear Holly Poly Gifter!

Oct. 25th, 2016 09:43 pm
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Dear Holly Polly giver:

Thanks for making me a thing! I'm looking forward to your thing, and I'm very excited to think you are doing a thing for me. I hope you enjoy making me something (or, if like me, creation is a bitch but you dig the results, I hope you make something you're glad that you made.) I'm going to give you some technical tips that will help you make a thing that I will enjoy the most, but anything I tell you about genre or story is a suggestion so you can figure out what to make for someone who is probably a complete stranger. Story and genre stuff is not a checklist, it's a menu of inspirations for you as you create a thing for someone you probably don't know well.

The only thing I really, really do not want at all is breathplay or choking of any kind.

technical stuff )

story ideas ) Have fun and Thank You for making me a thing!

A local habitation and a name

Oct. 25th, 2016 09:17 pm
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A Green and Ancient Light is an other-where other-when book. It takes you away by virtue of its luminous prose alone, because the setting seems pretty mundane to start with. Young boy, the narrator, is sent to stay with his grandmother during a spring and summer of The War. Second, we assume, because boy mentions that his dad has already had to fight in one war already. Grandmother and boy work in her garden, chat with villagers, receive and make visits. Boy also goes exploring the ruined garden up in the hills which is full of stone statues, the folly of a bereaved duke some 400 years ago.

This is where the 'are we still in Kansas?' feeling began for me. Elizabethan Dukes *might* have had follies with classical statues (though topiary seems more likely: and I had more than a frisson of Green Knowe throughout the book) but would they have had mermaids and sea serpents as well? The author is American; is that why he has boy and grandmother feeding 'crackers' to the ducks and growing tomatoes in their garden? And if boy has been sent away from the Blitz, why are his mother and baby sister still in the capital? Also- only one character is given a name, which I read as French because I would. Everyone else is an initial and a dash. Only one place has a name- Wool Island- which we're told isn't its real name, just what the villagers call it. This anonymoty removes the action from too definite a here and now (or there and then, if we're talking WW2 Britain.) It's in the timeless place which is childhood.

Understand, I noted these things in and around the plot events and the boy's attempts to solve the riddle of the stone garden, which touch Borgesian and Eco-ish echoes and are delightful in themselves. The ominous intrusions of an unlikable Major into village life didn't go where I was afraid it would because this is another kind of book, unclassifiable in my experience.

The afterword of course solves the book's riddle so that incongruities now make sense. No, it's not Haw Par Villa, or even close, but- well, parallels again. The learned will already have figured this out for themselves, but I am happily not learned.

Client Defiant

Oct. 26th, 2016 01:00 am
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Posted by BD

Law Office | TX, USA

(I work in a law office as both receptionist and as consultant for new clients. We always do our consultations over the phone, since walk-ins tend to expect to see the lawyer right away. Seeing as his schedule is planned usually a month in advance, that isn’t feasible.)

Me: “Law office, how can I help you?”

Caller: “I need your address.”

Me: “May I ask why?”

Caller: “To see the lawyer. What is your address?”

Me: “[Lawyer] is not in today, so you wouldn’t be able to see him today. Can I help you?”

Caller: “No, you can’t. This is sensitive information. I just need your address.”

Me: “Okay. We only do [types of law] at this office. Is this the type of case you have?”

Caller: “Yes, it is.”

Me: “Well, new callers are unable to see the lawyer the same day. We have to schedule them to see him. I can take your information over the phone, however.”

Caller: “No, you can’t. I would prefer to talk to him. Just give me your address.”

Me: “Okay. The address is [address]; however, we still would not be able to schedule you for an appointment to see him without first doing a consultation with you.”

Caller: “Listen, sweetheart, I don’t give sensitive information out over the phone. Working at a law office, I would think you’d understand that. I will be in there today to see [Lawyer].” *hangs up*

(One hour later, the caller and her husband arrive, and instantly glare at me.)

Caller: “I’m here to see [Lawyer].”

Me: “Do you have an appointment to see him?”

(I already know she doesn’t, but I’m dying to know what she has to say.)

Caller: “I wasn’t told that I need to have an appointment! I need to see him today. It’s imperative that I see him today. How long will it be before I can see him?” *They sit down.*

Me: “Hmm, if you don’t have an appointment, then it’s not going to be until [three weeks later].”

Caller: “WHAT? But I have to see him about my case!”

Me: “OH! You need a consultation!”

Caller: “YES!”

Me: “Right! We don’t do consultations in person. I do them over the phone. I’d have done so earlier, but you were unbelievably rude, with no reason to be. And you told me that you refused to give me your information. Without your information, there’s no way we can set an appointment for you.”

Caller: *stares at me*

Me: “We can’t take your case. Have a nice day!”

(She argued with me until the legal assistant came to back me up. With her attitude and insistence to see the lawyer, there’s no way we would want her as a client.)

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(no subject)

Oct. 25th, 2016 09:29 pm
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I know there's a lot of D: that Dreamwidth isn't busy, but it's actually sort of pleasant to have a social media situation where I can keep up. (My other big social media time is spent on Twitter, and it's endless refresh.)

oct. check-in

Oct. 25th, 2016 07:32 pm
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What are you reading, or have read this month?

So what's been good (or awful of late)? Anything to recommend or advise the rest of us to avoid? (line borrowed from [personal profile] peaceful_sands )

Since Halloween is almost upon us, are you reading any scary/creepy books? Or what scary/creepy books have you read in the past?

(no subject)

Oct. 26th, 2016 01:18 am
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me, a trans person: i don't like that this text we are discussing uses transgender as a noun in that sentence. which reminds me that just today i saw a news article about a trans man where the headline was "ask a transgender", it was awful and you should not do it, it's an adjective not a noun

cis person: but i have seen some trans people use it?

me, a trans person, talking about trans stuff: personally i dislike it, and although some people may choose to describe themselves that way individually, that still doesn't make it okay to use it to describe the whole group, we are not as a whole some weird extra gender category and to me it feels objectifying

cis person who is not trans: yes but language changes? not to diminish what you just said, but

Small-scale mission accomplished

Oct. 25th, 2016 06:55 pm
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After voting this morning, I went grocery shopping. On the way home, I was talking idly with the woman sitting next to me on the bus. As she was getting up, she thought she had dropped something, and it looked a little like something had fallen, but didn't sound like it, and she didn't see anything missing.

When I got home and put my groceries away, I found her CharlieCard/The RIDE (paratransit) ID card in one of the bags. The cards have the holder's name and photo, and no other information.

I googled a bit, using her name and "Arlington," and came up with three possible phone numbers. One of those got me a man who said it was a wrong number, but that the name sounded vaguely familiar; I may not be the first person to try reaching her there. (When we lived in New York, every few months I got a call from someone looking for bus information.) The other two got me voicemail, and I left messages.

The woman's sister called me after about an hour, thanked me enthusiastically for taking the trouble, and asked how I had gotten her number. I explained how I found her number, and said that I would want someone to do the same for me, and she said that she would call her sister and tell her to expect to hear from me.

I heard from the card-holder at about 6:00, and arranged to meet her at the nearest bus stop, because I really didn't want to go up to Arlington Heights. She was slightly flustered, and when I asked if she could get there pointed out that I had her Charliecard; it took a little back-and-forth to get past that to yes, she had enough cash for the bus fare. She took the bus down here, I handed the card over, and she thanked me and headed for the bus stop in the other direction.

I am pleased this worked out. (The MBTA's suggestion, when I emailed their lost-and-found address, was to give them the name and number on the card so they could deactivate it. This seemed suboptimal, to put it mildly.)

Super Bowl Scam Day

Oct. 25th, 2016 11:00 pm
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Posted by BD

Fast Food | CA, USA

(I am working as the shift supervisor during the late afternoon on a Super Bowl Sunday. It is typically one of our slowest days of the year, so it’s just myself and two other employees working. A guest pulls to the speaker and orders. Because we have no other orders my cook makes his order right away, and since it takes the guest a little over a minute to pull around, I have his order bagged and ready before he gets to my window.)

Me: “Good afternoon, sir. Your total today is [total].”

(The guest hands over his payment, and I make the change quickly.)

Me: “All right, sir, here’s your receipt, and your change. Just one moment, and I will have your drinks for you.”

(I turn around and grab the tray with his drinks and see that he is already pulling out of the drive-thru. I lean out the window and shout for him.)

Me: “Sir! Sir! Your drinks!”

(The guest backs up to the window and I hand out his drinks.)

Me: “Here you go. Wouldn’t want you to leave without these.”

Guest: “What are you going to give me?”

Me: “I’m sorry?”

Guest: “Normally when you people mess up, you give me something, like free cookies or something. What are you going to give me?”

Me: “I’m sorry, sir, I didn’t mess up. I told you I had your drinks and when I tried to hand them to you, you were driving away.”

Guest: “This is stupid! You owe me something. I’m missing the Super Bowl for this!”

Me: “I’m sorry, sir. I understand how frustrating that is. I’m missing a Super Bowl party myself.”

Guest: “You’re really not going to give me anything?”

Me: “No, sir, I am not.”

Guest: “Fine! I’ll just call tomorrow. They’ll give me something!”

Me: “Best of luck to you with that, sir. Enjoy your food, and have a wonderful rest of the evening!”

(The guest glared at me for a few seconds, before driving off. I left a note for the managers for the following day. The guest did try to call, but my general manager told him that we would not be giving him something free because he chose to drive away without his drinks while I was trying to hand them to him.)

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The Icy Wastes

Oct. 25th, 2016 09:00 pm
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Posted by BD

Coffee Shop | MA, USA

(I work in a popular coffee shop. We carry both iced and hot drinks, with the hot drinks being in white, opaque cups, and the iced drinks being in plastic, transparent cups. The ice is clearly visible through the plastic. Two older women approach the counter together.)

Woman #1: “I’d like a small, iced coffee, please.”

Me: “Sure!”

(I make her coffee, CLEARLY ICED; she pays and finds a seat.)

Woman #2: “I want the same thing as her.”

Me: “No problem! Exactly like hers? A small, iced coffee, black, correct?”

Woman #2: “Yes, please, dear!”

(I make her coffee and bring it back to her. She pays and seems okay with it, until she goes to pick it up.)

Woman #2: “Oh, honey, I didn’t say anything about it being cold! This is icy!”

Me: “I’m sorry; I thought you wanted an iced coffee, exactly like your friend.”

Woman #2: “No, I HATE iced coffee!”

Me: “Sorry about that, ma’am. I’ll make you a new one right away.”

Woman #2: “No, no, no, I don’t want you to waste it! Just put it in the microwave for me to warm it up!”

(We do not have a microwave in the store, only ovens, and even if we did, you’re not supposed to put plastic into a microwave.)

Me: “It’s no problem. I’ll make you a new one; it won’t take long.”

Woman #2: “No! Just put it in the microwave! I don’t want to waste it!”

Me: *face-palming* “Okay, ma’am.”

Woman #2: “Teens these days, wasting everything! When I was a girl, it was a SIN to put something perfectly good to waste!”

Me: *internally* “I wouldn’t HAVE to waste it if you had ordered correctly in the first place!”

(I end up just making her a completely new, hot coffee.)

Woman #2: “This is the same coffee, RIGHT?”

Me: “Sure, ma’am. Have a good night.”

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Today's horrible thought

Oct. 25th, 2016 05:32 pm
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What if it turns out Linus' Great Pumpkin was actually Donald Trump?

Books 2016: missed one

Oct. 25th, 2016 08:50 pm
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Books 2016: 135

135. Greg Rucka, Stumptown Volume Two. Oni Press.

I forgot to include this in my last round-up. Excellent graphic novel about a Portland PI and a missing guitar. I would give at least a finger off my left hand to see Rucka's Stumptown adapted for the small screen, because that would be awesome.

The Paybacks #1

Oct. 25th, 2016 09:50 pm
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"It’s a love letter! It’s everything we love about superhero comics. We got it in our heads that we’re probably still four or five years away from being let loose on a Marvel or DC book, so we decided to build our own. Buzzkill already had this rich superhero world in the background and we could go play in that world. It’s a good hook, but without the other stuff it just becomes about what are we going to repo next week and that gets old.

The thing I like about The Paybacks is that in mainstream superhero comics you get a first act and then you’re perpetually in the second act. Spider-Man is always in his second act forever. The thing I like about The Paybacks and Buzzkill is that you’re going to get that third act.

From page one, panel one all of these superheroes have already lost. It’s over. How do you carry on and become a hero again when you’re a slave to the system?"

- Donny Cates

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Time To Prescribe Some Common Sense

Oct. 25th, 2016 07:00 pm
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Posted by BD

Pharmacy | CT, USA

(Our pharmacy automatically substitutes a generic for brand name medication when a generic is available. The exception is if the doctor writes “brand name only,” or the patient specifically requests brand name. Of course, the generic names aren’t as well known, so the customers will sometimes be confused as to what prescription they have until we explain that the medication is a generic and does the exact same thing as the brand, though at a lower cost. The information about the drug is also printed on a pamphlet, including the brand names, in case they don’t believe us.)

Me: “Hello, [Pharmacy]. [My Name] speaking. How can I help?”

Customer: “I didn’t get [Brand Sleep Medication]. I got it with something extra! I just want the regular type.”

Me: “I’m sorry, something extra?”

Customer: “Yeah I got [poorly pronounced Generic] instead, and you guys gave me extra.”

Me: “Ma’am, that’s the generic name of [Brand]; there’s nothing extra in it.”

Customer: “I don’t want the extended release, just the [Brand].”

Me: “Ma’am, that IS the regular strength. That’s just the name they use.”

Customer: *finally getting the point* “So, this [Brand]?”

Me: *giving up trying to explain generic* “Yes, ma’am, it is [Brand].”

Customer: “So there’s nothing extra in it?”

Me: “Right. Here, what’s your name, so I can look it up?”

(She gives me her name and DOB so I can verify she does in fact have the generic.)

Me: “Okay, I looked it up, that is the [Brand], regular strength.”

Customer: *finally getting the idea* “Okay, thank you!”

(I get off the phone, and the pharmacist, who has been listening to my call the whole time, is trying not to laugh as he’s talking.)

Pharmacist: “So she DIDN’T have ‘extra stuff’ in her medication?”

Me: “No, she didn’t. It was just [Generic]. Why don’t they just read the information labels?”

Pharmacist: “That would take away half of our job description.”

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(no subject)

Oct. 25th, 2016 01:59 pm
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To make up for the bad news a while back with viki deleting fanchannels, DramaFever has licensed The Princess Weiyoung, and Viki licensed The Legend of Chusen, which was half-way subbed when the fanchannels were taken down. (Hopefully the same subbers will come back, but given how some people were acting towards them in the comments section, I wouldn’t blame them for not coming back.)

Here's the trailer for Princess Weiyoung:

Don't just do something, stand there

Oct. 25th, 2016 07:03 pm
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Leading doctors list dozens of procedures that 'give no benefit'.

40 things you can stop doing right now: A group of senior doctors has released a list of 40 procedures it considers to have little or no benefit. Could we apply similar thinking to everyday life?

Some medical treatments are pointless. But will patients want to know?

The truth is that many aspects of life are simply uncontrollable. Ageing, infertility, death and disease – even broken bones – are most often out of our hands. And hearing this news now, post-Brexit, when unemployment, housing and the economy are looking so precarious is an added kick in the teeth. When things are this bad, we want the illusion of control at least.

Partly, I suppose, this is because people feel they need to be Doing Something - is it not well-documented that people expect to come away from a GP appointment with a prescription, which has led to the massive over-prescribing of antibiotics for conditions for which they are not even a treatment. Also, I guess, docs like to feel that they are Doing Something.

I suppose Doing Something may at least be something to occupy one while Nature's Healing Powers take effect...*

I also wonder how much this relates to a society that supposes that you can Fix Things and you should - I was absolutely horrified at that, I think it was Lemsip, ad, that claimed that if you took it you would be able to get into work even with the flu. How bad an idea is that?

I'm fairly sure that there are several things I do less because I see any positive benefit than because a) they are a habit and b) the 'always keep a hold of nurse, for fear of finding something worse' mindset that maybe things would be worse without.

*Not that I am advising the kind of Extreme Rest that was involved in Weir Mitchell's Rest Cure rather than a more moderate regime of Taking Things Easy if one is not feeling quite the thing.

Only Half Sober

Oct. 25th, 2016 05:00 pm
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Posted by BD

Fast Food | England, UK

(I am working as a cashier at a famous fast food restaurant. We have a special breakfast menu which is served from 5 am to 10:30 am exclusively and the main menu is outside of those times. A VERY drunk woman staggers in at 7 am.)

Drunk Woman: *slurred mumbling* “A burger, please.”

Me: “Sorry, I’m afraid we don’t have any burgers at the moment. We’re only serving breakfast right now.”

Drunk Woman: “Oh. I’ll have some fries then.”

Me: “Sorry, we do not serve fries at breakfast.”

Drunk Woman: “Oh… what can I have that’s like a burger?”

Me: “The closest I can suggest is a sausage muffin without the egg.”

Drunk Woman: “Fine, then, I’ll have two of them. And a bottle of water.”

Me: *thinking: yes, you need that water to sober up!* “Okay, that’s [total], please!”

Drunk Woman: *hands me HALF of a ten-pound note; it looks like it’s been literally ripped in half*

Me: “Um, this is half of a note.”

Drunk Woman: “Does it matter?”

Me: “Um, yes. Yes, it does.”

Drunk Woman: “Oh, okay, then.”

(She took her half of the ten pound note and staggered out, whilst we all watched, confused. Finally my colleague turned to me.

Colleague: “What’s betting that she thought half a tenner is worth a fiver?”

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I voted this morning

Oct. 25th, 2016 12:50 pm
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[ profile] cattitude and I went to Arlington Town Hall this morning and voted. It was quick and easy, with no line: they have set up at least a dozen stations for filling out ballots.

Part of why it was so quick and easy is that the only relevant things on my ballot were president and four ballot measures: my Congresswoman, state representatives, and county sheriff are all running unopposed for reelection. (The sheriff did have a primary challenger.) On the way out, I got an "I Voted" sticker for my jacket.

I voted for Clinton, and no on ballot measures 1-3 (adding a casino, expanding charter schools, and conditions for keeping hens, pigs, and veal calves) and yes on 4 (legalizing marijuana). Three was the only difficult decision; I decided that eggs as a cheap and easy protein source for people on limited budgets was a higher priority for me than the animals. I buy cage-free eggs, and I'm willing to pay extra for that; I'm not prepared to make everyone do so, when for some people it might mean only being able to afford half as many eggs.

Marijuana legalization was an "of course," both because I'm generally in favor of legalizing drugs and because I moved here from Washington, and saw how legal marijuana works there.

PyCharm features: local history

Oct. 25th, 2016 12:56 pm
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You know that moment where you had working code, and now it has stopped working, and you aren't quite sure what you've changed? You made a lot of good changes since your last commit, and you don't want to throw those away, but you need to find the erroneous change. This is where PyCharm's local history functionality really shines. You can right click (or ctrl-click) on a file or a workspace, and see a timeline of all changes, with a visual diff of each change. This can help you quickly hunt down errors, without throwing away your good changes. It's particularly helpful if you're experimented with many different variations for a specific block of code.

Example screenshot

This Week in Fandom, Volume 28

Oct. 25th, 2016 10:00 am
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This Week in Fandom banner by doughtier with image of Earth

Fanfic writers can be any age, nationality, or ethnicity, and they can come from any country in the world—This Week in Fandom
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