Just One Thing! (27 November 2014)

Nov. 27th, 2014 08:33 am
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It's challenge time!

Comment with Just One Thing that you've accomplished in the past 24 hours or so. It doesn't have to be a hard thing, or even a thing you think is particularly awesome. Just a thing that you did.

Feel free to share more than one thing if you're feeling accomplished!

Extra credit: find someone in the comments and give them props for what they achieved!

Nothing is too big, too small, too strange, or too cryptic. And in case you'd rather do this in private, anonymous comments are screened. I will only unscreen if you ask me to.


Prompt for 2014-11-27

Nov. 27th, 2014 06:42 pm
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Today's prompt is "you are the only one who knows me better than I know myself".

Inspired by Adam Lambert's Better Than I Know Myself.

Wisdom of the Internet

Nov. 27th, 2014 08:54 am
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Someone, somewhere on Making Light stated that going to bed had a high activation energy.

And suddenly, so much was explained, how it is actually *harder* for me to go to bed when I'm tired because to stay sitting in front of the computer takes less energy than getting up and going to bed. So that's something to watch out for and act upon. Knowing what is going on makes it somewhat easier to check myself.

(No idea which post this was from, somewhere deep in the comments, but WOW, that hit at the right moment.)

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I have nothing to add to what so many people have already said on Twitter and tumblr and elsewhere about the murder of Mike Brown, and I wish I could be out there with everyone at the protests. I will be at the Tokyo march next Friday. Black lives matter. No peace without justice.

It is Thanksgiving, and I did want to take the time to express my profound gratitude and appreciation, this year in particular, for all my friends around the world. I flew the better part of 100,000 miles this year and didn't find it stressful at all, because no matter where I went, there were people there to hang out, grab a meal, let me crash on their couch, and generally make me feel much more welcome than I would have otherwise. Some of you I've known for years and some of you I'd just met for the first time, or hadn't seen for aeons, or whatever--none of it mattered. The hospitality and kindness people showed me, from the biggest ways to the smallest, was profoundly touching, and I'm very grateful to have all of you in my life. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who's celebrating, and I hope it's far fewer years until we all can meet again. ♥

✓ 11-27-2014

Nov. 27th, 2014 12:28 am
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Thanksgiving eve

Nov. 26th, 2014 07:15 pm
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Kate had a successful functional MRI today. The biggest problem, she said, was not falling asleep during the long boring stretches. The new contact lenses worked well enough, and she managed to get them in and out before and after the test. She may not ever use them again, but they did the job.

She brought wooden knitting needles and a ball of yarn, but didn't get to use them.

We don't have "results" from this test, nor did we expect to. I believe the purpose of the test is to map out the parts of her brain that Kate is actually using, so as to properly avoid them during the surgery. There will be an additional MRI, called a "stealth" MRI, during the surgery itself -- the neurologist described this as "a GPS for the brain."

Kate's language and cognitive skills are generally better than when we went to the ER, thanks to the steroids I think, though she does definitely still have some interesting issues, such as coming out with exactly the opposite word from what she meant. "It would be fascinating if it weren't happening to me," she says.

We have had much love and assistance from many friends, especially Bo (coordination), Ariel (laundry and beef stew), and Sara (more than enough delicious food for four meals for the three of us, left in a cold-bag on our porch while we were at the MRI), and double-especially Sue, as well as many good wishes from farther afield. We've also received one anonymous gift, a knitting-themed tote bag via Cafe Press, for which thanks. I may not be able to keep up with the individual thanks as things get hairier, but please know that you are all appreciated more than you could ever know.

In some ways this experience, terrible though it is, is kind of... cleansing. All my priorities have been reduced to two: 1) This has to be done NOW; 2) Fuck it. I have, with great reluctance in some cases, canceled or postponed almost everything we had been planning to do through January. With luck that will be sufficient.

I cannot imagine doing this without cell phones, text messages, and mobile email. I took three phone calls and uncounted text messages during a one-hour consultation with the nutritionist.

At one point, while waiting for some doctor, I began whistling the Jeopardy theme. Right at the end, where the last low "dum DUM" comes in the song, my phone sounded an incoming text message. We laughed and laughed.

We are still laughing.

We expect to attend Thanksgiving dinner with our fannish friends. Everyone have a good Thanksgiving, and hug your loved ones.

Stu Shiffman

Nov. 26th, 2014 05:40 pm
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I just heard via the Vanguard email list that Stu Shiffman died today. I didn't know him as well as I'd have liked (geography can be like that); I am now very glad I dropped in and visited him at the nursing home this summer, after not getting to say more than "congratulations" at his and Andi's wedding in the spring.

[I'm posting this mostly because I don't know who sees what information sources. It's been a hard few months.]

Weekly media report

Nov. 26th, 2014 06:52 pm
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- The Raven Boys, by Maggie Stiefvater. Rural fantasy young adult with a fascinating premise and interesting characters. The major failure for me is the underdevelopment of the antagonist, whose story could have been as interesting as that of the protagonists. I'm definitely in for the rest of the series.
- The Accidental Highwayman: Being the Tale of Kit Bristol, His Horse Midnight, a Mysterious Princess, and Sundry Magical Persons Besides, by Ben Tripp. I'm going to finish this book out because it's not that long, but it's a little too cutesy and the illustrations don't redeem it. I'm not quite halfway through, but unless there's a major improvement, I'm not going to be reading any more of them (of course it's the first in a series).

- The Flash, Season One, Episode 7 (of TBA). Another building episode. We stuffed a guy in the tank and he knows Barry is the Flash. And Iris was a badass (finally she does stuff that isn't entirely About A Dude!). We have a clue to Harrison Wells' background. Hints of Firestorm. And the finale where they threatened Iris.
- Arrow, Season Three, Episode 7 (of TBA). Cupid was interesting and I hope we see her again. Shoutout to Sherwood Florist. Ray is a creepy bastard even if he doesn't mean to be, and Felicity's faith in him really undercuts her smarts. And I don't like the new creepy DJ. But I do like the tag that winds us up for next week's crossover!

- Oh Land, Earth Sick. Slower and more melancholy than the other two albums I have of hers but still enjoyable.
- Jim Malcolm, Still. The other album of archive material Malcolm has done in the last few years. Some of the tunes are familiar and I enjoyed them all, but I still want more Andy M Stewart instead of listening to him.
- Saint Saviour, In the Seams. Overwhelmingly pretty female singer-songwriter.


Nov. 26th, 2014 06:55 pm
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So... my upstairs neighbors at my current apartment are an older couple who are probably old enough to be my grandparents. They noticed me back during the summer, when they saw my cats hanging out on my balcony, and started talking to me whenever I was out there. Once they found out I was living on my own, they started poking their head in from time to time to make certain that I was alive.

As it's a mess outside and I didn't really want to do anything that involved driving anywhere, my plans for Thanksgiving basically consisted of me making a pot roast and some vegetables, followed by alcohol, the traditional Thanksgiving watching of 1776, and a Babylon 5 marathon. (Or maybe a Lord of the Rings marathon. Or possibly just playing a bunch of Mass Effect. I hadn't 100% made up my mind.) With maybe a little bit of work for Part-Time Job thrown in, just because I really need to hit 10-15 hours both this week and next week.

So, of course, one of the upstairs neighbors just came by to ask me what my plans were tomorrow. And, once he found out that I was going to be spending it alone, he invited me to join the two of them upstairs for dinner around 5pm. Which... don't get me wrong, I appreciate the gesture. And I said "yes", because I’m horrible at saying "no". But, yeah, that's not how I was planning on spending the day, so I'm going to have to do some mental reworking.

... also, crap, that means I should probably make something food-wise to take upstairs with me, doesn't it? I'm sure they're already making the various vegetable dishes that I have on hand, so that's out.. Dessert, maybe? I'm pretty sure that I have the ingredients to make Meemaw's fudge pie.

photo of the day

Nov. 26th, 2014 05:40 pm
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A disgruntled pelican at the zoo:

#evilenabler: Sims 2/Mac

Nov. 26th, 2014 11:35 pm
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I've had eye on this ever since Aspyr decided to rerelease The Sims 2 for Mac in the runup to Sims 4.

I used to play 1, and it was ok. I have 3, and while there were things I liked about it, there were others I didn't, and instead of getting into it and getting my hands on the cool extensions (watching a friend play 'fetch' with a werewolf was hilarious) I messed about a little, found that you could only play one household, and drifted off, but 2 - with all of the extensions for a finite sum of £20 sounded pretty tempting; it just was too much money to spend casually.

Today I sent off an invoice, which means I get to pick a treat.

As it happens, there's a thanksgiving sale at www.macgamestore.com (I like them; I like dealing with them) which offers the Sims 2 and Sim City 4 bundled for $12.50. What's not to like?

To be fair, I have no idea whether I'll _like_ it, but I reckon I'll get my money's worth out of both.

Value-for-money; decluttering )

In other news, I decluttered a web comic I'd just begun reading. It's a short strip about various programming issues.

It's very white and male. And I can see how a comic artist might 'just accidentally' ended up with an all-white, all-male cast, but it stinks, and the more random people walk into the strip all being white and male, the less I liked it. And then I got to the strip with Smurfette: the only two female programmers I spotted (4 months of archive? Something like that) were a) someone coding HTML/CSS (so not 'real programming) and b) 'The Girl' who was completely indistinguishable from Computer Engineer Barbie.

Correction: Computer Engineer Barbie has more girls and two characters of colour.

(#FeministHackerBarbie can be found at https://computer-engineer-barbie.herokuapp.com - crowdsourced corrections for the win)

And I had enough.

If you're drawing a comic for months and you don't notice that you're talking only about - and to? - white, male pro(bro?)grammers, then, frankly, I don't need to support and signal boost you - you're already operating within a large echo chamber, and my enjoyment in meeting *only* a group of people saying loudly 'we don't want you in here' is... limited, strangely enough.

for your heart.

Nov. 26th, 2014 06:23 pm
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i linked this the other day, but i don't think i properly explained it. this is a song from fun home (the musical based on alison bechdel's memoir) in which a lesbian kid (basically alison bechdel at around age 10ish) sees, for the first time, an adult butch woman. "ring of keys."

it's one thing to hear an actor say
I’m really proud to be part of it. It means so much to lesbians everywhere, and it’s a story that needed to be told.
and it's another thing when that actor is 10. that's sydney lucas, who played young alison, in an article from a year ago. i think she's 11 in the performance linked above. i've watched it like 50 times and it's still making me cry.

Yeah, Kik me again!

Nov. 26th, 2014 03:52 pm
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I’m incredibly protective of my phone number. It’s a privacy thing, I think; my phone number is really personal and something that I value, even in moments of total despair. (There are stories about months when I had $20 to spend on food for the whole month, but the first bill I paid was my phone bill to keep my precious number alive.)

But I still want to chat with people! Turns out Kik is really good for that kind of thing. If you want my Kik, drop me a line. Obviously, you’ve gotta put a username to the ask, but yeah. (Kik is also fabulous for international texting...just sayin', Canuks.)

Makin’ friends on the internet, yeah.
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I was given to think by the question and answers on this Captain Awkward post:
“What to say when a person asks ‘why didn’t you invite me to your party?
which is a question that should never ever be asked, and that goes even more so for 'are you going to invite me/can I come to your party/event?' (There was a researcher once, associated with my place of work, who did do this: actually outright asked somebody who was having a leaving do for an invitation. We were not sure whether this was social ineptitude or after the custom of their own people. Maybe there are cultures where you are supposed to ask these kinds of questions in order to indicate your interest in attending? Enquiring minds...)

Has anyone else, however, come across the following, or at least, come across it in people over the age of nine (because I can certainly remember the use of this strategy with extreme prejudice in junior school and feel that, though not pretty, it was just about forgivable at that stage of life, but not beyond)? -

Where somebody gets up an event or an excursion specifically to exclude a particular person, who must know that they are being excluded: with, bonus point (in at least one case known to me), instructing particular person to stay away from larger event to which they were making up a party.

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Banner by Erin of a spotlight on an OTW logo with the words 'Spotlight on Legal Issues'

"On November 12, 2014, the court ruled that its previous decision was void, and ordered that the case would be re-heard by the entire court--not just a three-judge panel--in December. The OTW has filed a new amicus brief in the case, expanding on the arguments we made in our original brief. As we explained in our filing, the court should interpret the safe harbors broadly enough to provide safety for content hosts, because that safety is what permits content hosts like the AO3 to exist."

OTW Legal succeeded in having the previous decision in Garcia v Google ruled void & has filed a new brief that aims to maintain 'safe harbor' protection for AO3 and other sites.
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...so they sent a cookie bouquet. So awesome.

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